Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood: November 2011

November Picture Round up!

Hi everyone! It's me, Middle Sis! Sorry it has been a while since I have told you about all of the stuff we are up to around here.  We have been busy!  We had Thanksgiving, our family came to town, Christmas is on the way and we took a few road trips to visit Grandma and Grandpa and our cousins too!

Here we are going to vote with Mommy!  We all loaded into the stroller and helped Mommy!
 Yes, This is me!  I asked Mommy to take my picture because I tied a tie just like Daddy!
 We spent time using our Math cubes to sort and count.  
Lil Bro just liked moving them back and forth between the bow and cupcake tray!
 We got our first snow of the year!  What a surprise!

 It is not even Thanksgiving yet and the snow covered all of our decorations!
 I Love eating the snow!
 Lil Sis just loves running all around in it!
 Big Sis loves throwing snowballs and Mommy LOVES throwing them back at her!
 Lil Bro is so cute!
 He is not sure what to think about the snow!
 Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt B and our cousins are all here!  
Grandma loves to have Eggnog parties in fancy glasses! 
 Lil Bro keeps asking for nognog!
 He would drink more than everybody else, if he were allowed!
 This is our favorite kind of Eggnog!
 Grandma loves to hold Lil Buddy...well, as long as he can sit in one place!
 The girls played dress up!
 Lil Bro loved the snowman PEEP that Grandma brought for all of us kids!
 Time for everyone to leave. I wish they could stay longer.

 We had a few more beautiful days in November!
We played outside a lot.
 Fed the birds.

 If you come to visit at our house you will always see us wave as you leave!  
Lil Bro even runs to the window as soon as he hears someone say they are going to leave and he yells WAY WAY(wave, wave)!!

 Lil Bro is so funny...and he knows it, too!

 We went to MOPS and got to learn about staying safe from strangers.  
Strangers are called "Don't Knows".  
 I got to be a special helper and got to run around a car from a "Don't Know" and then roll under a car when he got to close to me.  Here I am giving him five because I did so good!
Check out The Safe Side Video with John Walsh. We love it!  Our library has it or you can order it from amazon.  Check out John Walsh's website HERE.
 Lil Bro loves the Slippers that Aunt B just gave Mommy!
 Mommy got to go to a movie with her friends.  They go once a year and have a great time talking, eating popcorn and watching their movie!
 Big Sis had her special ceremony for girl Scouts.  She is the second girl from the right.
We got to eat donuts and juice with her after it was over.
 Lil Bro kept quiet by eating raisins!
 Lil Sis sat with Daddy while I colored!

 Thanksgiving is here and Momma decorated Big Sis's lunch bag!
 Gobble Gobble!  Our turkey friend kept us company on our kitchen chalkboard!
 We all went to Music and Movement with Lil Bro!

I hope you enjoyed the rest of this month!  I promise I'll get back to you soon with our December Update!
Love, Middle Sis

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