Monday, August 29, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood: Week of 8/21/11 - 8/28/11 continued!

Last night we had a major storm which left our area without power!  So, Big Sis had no school today!  We had to go rescue Daddy in Cleveland since his truck died. We left early for a fun day at the park and a visit with the Pipers! We were very excited Big Sis had NO school!
I love Lil Bro's Shoes!  You can see his toes through the soles of his shoes!  $4 on clearance at Target!

We LOVE Preston's Hope Playground in Beechwood.  It is an all accessible handicapped playground.  There are ramps and big swings!  So much fun!

I LOVE to hug poles and small trees!
Aunt Piper had fun and tasty things planned for us!
Will always makes us laugh! 
Big Sis LOVES the piano!  She is very musical.  She sings and makes up her own songs and play any instrument she can get her hands on.  Thanks for letting her play your piano James!
It was a long day!  We picked up Daddy and now get to take him to pick up Uncle Keith's truck and trailer to pick up his truck that died in Cleveland this week.  We were so tired that we all fell asleep before Uncle Keith's house!  Guess who woke us up!

Now, Daddy has to fix his truck...a few little helpers keep their eyes on Daddy!

Now Mommy has to tell everyone to back up!
The truck is still not working, but the girls keep praying it will!  With the faith of a child.... :) 

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