Sunday, August 21, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood: Week of 8/14/11 - 8/21/11

This week we went to Marblehead, Ohio and camped with Grandma! We had a great time! We  played hard, swam hard, visited hard and enjoyed every minute!
First stop....Visit Daddy at work!  It was the "funest" time ever!

How many somersaults can you do at a time???? "Wish we had a big house so we could do this all day" Middle Sis said.

How'd Lil Bro get up there?

Next stop....a party to help celebrate Uncle Bob and Aunt Caroline's anniversary/birthday! Behave Daddy!
Now we are behaving :)

Uncle Piper is that you in the background???

I think it is Uncle Piper :)  Smile!

On to our week of camping!
The kids had a great time playing at the playground that I played at while visiting my Great Grandparents!  The equiptment changed a bit but it still brings back a lot of great memories!
We visited Grandma Beadles house. No one was home, which was a good thing since we took LOTS of pictures on their steps and around the house!  I wish I could have opened the squeaky back door, smelled the Molasses cookies wafting through the air, and sat on her vintage metal chairs.

We ate THE BEST ice cream ever!  The Dairy Dock knows how to do it right!  We always stop here when we are in town.  I have had a lot of other orange/vanilla twists but nothing compares to this. You might as well pick up a chicken sandwich while you are here, too!

When Daddy wasn't working we got to see him a little and throw rocks into the pond!
Here is an outfit I bought before my oldest was born.  I thought she was a he and dreamed of how cute it would be for baby to wear this and work with his Daddy.  Well, Big Sis came out and was a girl with 2 more sisters to follow.  This outfit finally got to make it's debut!  Congrats little Buddy!  You are so cute in this outfit!  It was bought 7 years before you!
Here are a few hotshots at the pool....watch out New York Fashion week here we come!
Congrats Daddy!  You got A's in your sumer classes!  Let's CELEBRATE!
We are SO proud of you Daddy!
Great Grandpa Rofkar (aka: Grandpa Rocker!) is getting fitted for an original piece of jewelry made by Miss Lil Sis!
And Great Grandma gets one too!
It's always sad when they leave....hope to see them really soon!

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