Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Fun - Elephant Watering Cans

Project of the Week

Kids Craft - Elephant Watering Can

Kids Craft - Elephant Watering Can!
(Your little one will never want to stop watering your flowers!)
Here's the page I followed....


2 Milk Jugs (Emptied and cleaned)
1 Milk Jug Cap
Craft Foam (We used Construction Paper)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Elmers Glue
2 Google Eyes
(In our case we quadrupled this!)

Start by cutting out the handle of your second Milk Jug and discard the rest. You can tell how to cut the handle out by looking at the main picture at the top of this page. (Every jug is different so do the best you can)

Discard the rest of the 2nd milk jug.

Start by tracing a bowl or hand drawing two LARGE circles for the ears. I had my son cut them out. Then glue them on your whole milk jug where the ears should go.

Next draw small circles just larger than your google eyes.....(or trace them with something) for the eyes. I had my son cut them out and glue them on. Then he glued the google eyes on top of those.

Next, I used scissors to cut small slits around the outside circle of one end of the 2nd milk jug handle. And then I used scissors to cut a hole in the top of the milk jug cap.

NOTE: Use the scissors to make a hole in the top of the cap...then cut in a circle. It doesn't have to be exact or perfect because you are gluing on top of it!

Next...cut small holes in the other end of the milk jug handle that will face outward...for a sprinkle type effect when the can is watering. (EVEN though it doesn't really work :)

Now...put the milk jug cap ON the WHOLE MILK JUG! (Very important...if you don't do this first you will end up with a crooked elephant trunk when you are done) Once the cap is in place on the milk jug...use your hot glue gun to adhere the scissor cut side to the milk jug cap. (USE A GENEROUS AMOUNT OF HOT GLUE TO SEAL IT)

All Done!!!
  Thanks Disney Family Fun Magazine!
Thanks to Heathers Blog for directions and a few pics!

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