Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Sis and the Gingerbread Man Writing Assignment

Weekend Creative Writing Journal Assignment
You just finished decorating a tray of gingerbread cookies and one of them leaps off the counter.  
What happens next?

Don't Run Away Gingerbread Man
By: Big Sis

Once upon a time I was baking some cookies. 

 So then I got them out of the oven and put them on the counter. 
I had to wait for them to cool.
So I got a book to read and soon they were done. 

I put my book down and started to decorate the cookies.

 I just finished the first one when the phone rang. 
I answered it and talked to my Grandma, but only for a minute.
(notice the Gingerbread man in the picture below!)
When I was done I turned around and it was gone. I was so surprised!
 It can't be.
(notice the Gingerbread Man in the picture below!)

 I thought my Lil Bro took it, but he was clean.

 What was that?  I rubbed my eyes. 
This couldn't be!
Did I really see a gingerbread man  running across the floor and out the door?
 I chased after him but man can those little legs run!
 I wondered where he would go, but I never forgot that Christmas. 

1 Year Later...
Every year at Christmas I get a postcard from different places all over the world. "Dear Big Sis, Thank you for giving me life so that I can see how the World celebrates Christmas. Love,TGBM (The Gingerbread Man), Gingy." 
The End!

Big Sis said she may want to write some 
blog posts now!  
Please leave her a comment to encourage her!

1 comment:

Mrs. Soloman said...

WOW! What an incredible journal entry. Creativity, technology, photos, and tasty treats for the teacher all in one! A++++++++ This was an over-the-top effort invested on this week's prompt. I am very proud of your willingness to go above and beyond!

You know come to think of it, I believe I saw that short little man running around town before. He is quick for sure! Do you think we will ever catch the gingerbread man?

Your photo journal is absolutely adorable. Love, Mrs. Soloman

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