Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project of the Week~ Make your own snow!

What do you do when it is December and everyone is in the mood for snow, yet the forecast does not call for any?  You make your own! This project is definitely rated 5 out of 5 stars! Easy to make, kid friendly and loads of fun! Plus, if your kids are ages 4 and above they can do it by themselves after you get them started!

  Make your Own Snow
InstaSnow (found HERE at Amazon or your nearest craft store)
Tray to contain your mess

 Step 1: Pour water into your dish.
 Step 2: Add the white powder.

 Step 3: Watch the gel expand and turn into snow! 
If the snow is too wet and gel like add more powder in small increments at a time.
Make small batches because everyone will want to make their own snow!

Get ready....It is time to play and stir and dump and smoosh and smash and...whatever your heart desires!  Get ready for a lot of ooohhhs and aaaahhhhhs, squeals and giggles!  I kept it on a tray just for clean up sanity!  Plus, I wanted to use it for a fun photo shoot!
 Result: Hours of Fun!
Time to head outside for a photo shoot!

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