Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time Out Tuesday ~ Life in our Wonderful World!

Today I am going to take a "time out" and  blog a few minutes!  I must say that as of lately my blog postings have been slim.  I apologize, not only to you but to myself as well.  I love to have this blog as a journal of sorts for myself.  It is fun to look back and reminisce. My hubby loves to scroll through and see what happens throughout the week since we do not see him very much due to school and work.  This blog is also a cookbook for me because some of my all time favorite recipes are logged here as well as a quick last minute craft project go to!

We have been busy here.  I have been deep cleaning.  I know that if I am on the computer then my cleaning time is drastically cut in half or even more!  We have flipped mattresses, scrubbed walls, cleaned out junk drawers, cabinets, and art supplies, kitchen cabinets have been rearranged and furniture moved. I still cannot believe that no matter how much you throw out, donate, or put in the garage sale pile that there is always more to add.  I am still playing catch up from the past two years of not being able to focus on the house.  The garbage men are so gracious to let us throw out so much stuff every week!

We have also had to deal with viruses, strep, scarlet fever, and a husband that ended up at Urgent Care for back problems.  Four hours in a minivan with four kids while Daddy is in Urgent Care inspired a few post ideas! You will see a few posts in the future related to these things.   I considered us to be a healthy family until this year.  Let's just say that I now carry Clorox wipes with me wherever I go!  That is a big change from using natural cleaners to Clorox products again. Once we are past this sickness phase I will go back to my other cleaners!  ...and that won't be this week as we have another sick visit today!

We have also spent a lot of time outside playing.  30 degrees above average is great for enjoying spring/summer early although it was not conducive to our yearly family snowman picture!    Here are a few pics of the kiddo's from our sunny day yesterday!  Enjoy!

P.S.  Daddy, we know you'll read this, these smiles are for you!  
We are so proud of your hard work!  We are rooting you on!

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